The Road to Success: Production System Hosts Specialized Seminar on Production and Quality

Recently, Zhejiang Shuangyang Group Co., Ltd. held a special production and quality conference for the production system to further refine production arrangements, quality control, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, as outlined in Chairman Luo Guoming's annual work report at the annual work seminar. General Manager Luo Yuanyuan and Executive Vice President Han Haojie attended the meeting and delivered speeches, while Deputy General Manager Zhou Hanjun presided over the conference.

Chairman Luo, in conjunction with the problems and relevant cases in the company's 2023 production and quality management, emphasized that quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, maintaining the brand image of Shuangyang and being a crucial element of its core competitiveness. He stressed that focusing on quality is of utmost importance in production and operational work. Regarding front-line production management personnel, he outlined core requirements for strengthening production quality management and improving product quality levels. The key points, encapsulated in the mantra "The workshop director must adhere to nine key aspects every day," are as follows:

1. Track the implementation of production plans.2.Monitor the quality status of the production process.3.Monitor the safety conditions during production processes.4.Monitor the labor discipline at the production site.5.Track the production progress during the production process.6.Monitor the implementation of corrective actions for abnormal situations.7.Track the quality status of the final products.8.Monitor the cleanup and organization of the site after each shift.9.Track the implementation of one's own work plan.Chairman Luo emphasized that thinking about problems is not enough; action is required for solutions. In the upcoming work, she hopes that everyone can fulfill their roles, continue to play exemplary leadership roles, lead the team in continuous innovation and progress, and contribute to the company's development. She concluded with an inspirational statement: "The abyss of yesterday, the discussion of today. Though the road is long, progress is certain. Though the task is challenging, success is achievable."


Post time: Jan-15-2024

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