The historical evolution of Zhejiang Shuangyang Group Co., Ltd

In June 1986, Zhejiang Shuangyang Group Co., Ltd. laid the foundation for its glorious history, initially established under the name of Cixi Fuhai Plastic Accessories Factory. During its early establishment, the company focused on producing small home appliance components, injecting new vitality into the home appliance manufacturing sector.


By the 1990s, Shuangyang gained prominence, with its products such as electric fans, ventilation fans, and electric heaters selling in nationwide markets, achieving an annual sales revenue of 60 million RMB, showcasing strong market competitiveness.

The company was honored as a civilized unit in the early 1990s, and the government recognized its outstanding contributions to society.

In 1997, Shuangyang ventured into the production of timers and PVC plastic wires, gradually advancing into new projects such as rubber cables. This project officially commenced production on July 23, 2000, rapidly penetrating the European market and laying a solid foundation for the company's international development.


Today, with the passage of time, Zhejiang Shuangyang Group has grown into a robust and diversified enterprise. While maintaining steady and prudent operations, the company continuously pursues transformation and upgrading. From small home appliances to steel pipes,Weekly Programmable Timer, Outdoor Extension Cord Reel, plug power lines, outdoor lighting, and even new energy electric vehicle charging guns, Shuangyang has significantly expanded its industrial structure.


In the midst of exploration, Shuangyang actively participated in the reform of bank shareholding, becoming a major shareholder of Cixi Rural Commercial Bank and contributing significantly to the development of the local financial system. After years of development, the company's asset management has become more optimized, with a healthy and cyclical fund chain, and complementary profit models.

Looking back on the past 37 years, Zhejiang Shuangyang Group has achieved remarkable success in its path of transformation and upgrading. The company is willing to collaborate with various sectors to create a mutually beneficial and promising future.


Post time: Dec-18-2023

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