Shuangyang Group at the Canton Fair and Hong Kong Electronics Fair

From October 13th to October 19th, under the leadership of General Manager Luo Yuanyuan, the international trade team of Shuangyang Group actively participated in the 134th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) and the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, while also maintaining regular operations on the online platform of the Canton Fair.


At the Canton Fair, Shuangyang Group secured 4 branded booths and 1 standard booth, presenting a comprehensive display of the company's image and product strength. With five interconnected booths, creating a dual-channel flow of visitors, the booths showcased Shuangyang's product prowess from various angles. The innovative booth design, featuring an open concept, captivated the attention and earned praise from numerous visitors, existing clients, and industry peers. Notably, the new energy vehicle charging gun, a highlight product, garnered significant attention, resulting in a stream of orders from the first day.


Throughout the exhibition, the sales team was tirelessly engaged in welcoming foreign visitors. The showcased products included new energy vehicle charging guns, cable reels, timers, outdoor power extension cord, plugs, sockets, and wire racks. The unique booth design and open concept received positive feedback from attendees. Post-event, the team continued to actively host foreign visitors for factory tours and business negotiations.
Apart from generating enthusiastic interest on-site, Shuangyang Group received positive feedback from clients. The high efficiency and reliability of the new energy vehicle charging gun, coupled with customizable colors and materials, received unanimous praise. The innovative design of the outdoor cable reel was well-received, programmable receptacle timer, extension cords, plugs, sockets, and wire racks gained widespread recognition. This participation not only marked a historic breakthrough in the market for Shuangyang Group but also garnered positive reviews among clients and industry peers.

In the face of challenges in China's foreign trade this year, Shuangyang Group, with 37 years of history and 25 years of deep involvement in foreign trade, showcased its financial strength, production capabilities, research and development prowess, market responsiveness, and risk resistance. This exhibition not only achieved unprecedented success in the market but also laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise.


Post time: Dec-11-2023

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